Become a Better Bible Teacher Workshop

Become a Better Bible Teacher Workshop open to 8 people from the Bible Creative Online Conference


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Become a Better Bible Teacher Workshop

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This is a 6 week LIVE online workshop with Anne Marie Gosnell, Owner of the Bible Creative Online Conference and FutureFlyingSaucers Resources.


Are you teaching Bible lessons:

  • That have no depth
  • With no life changing challenges
  • Where children aren’t remembering the information
  • Without evaluating your lessons to see if they are working
  • And you aren’t seeing heart change in kids’ lives

You are ready for the next step in your Bible teaching journey. 


Join “Become a Better Bible Teacher” today. This workshop is open to 8 people.

Have you ever thought of the quality of the seed you are sowing?

It’s the idea of the Sower – but he is throwing out the seed, and the seed is rotten. If the seed is rotten before it hits the ground, nothing is going to happen. Be sure that you are sowing good seed. Be sure that you are handling the Gospel and the Word of God in a right and worthy manner.


When you have completed this 6 week intensity, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the facets of a Biblical Worldview.
  2. Develop a method to study a Bible passage in preparation for teaching it to children.
  3. Learn how to research and prepare to teach a Bible lesson engagingly and effectively.
  4. Incorporate answers to the Biblical worldview questions into your Bible lessons no matter who publishes your curriculum.
  5. Understand the whole story of Scripture and show how each story fits into the Bible narrative.


How This Works:

  • Purchase the Workshop. There are 8 spots available.
  • Meet with Anne Marie Gosnell on Zoom at 10:00am (EST) for 6 weeks, 1 hour per week. There will be recordings if you miss a session. The meeting dates are as follows: March 14, 21, and 28 and April 4, 11, and 18.
  • You will receive a physical copy of What God is Doing: Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids
  • If the spots are full, email Anne Marie at [email protected] and ask for your name to be added to the waiting list for the next workshop.